The Shakespeare and More Spelling scheme has been introduced across Years 1 to 6. The demands for spelling in the 2014 National Curriculum are challenging and as a result it may take time for pupils to ‘catch up’ and work in line with their year group. However, raised expectations for spellings and writing should link to more pupils working within their year group’s spellings.  The word list contains a mixture of new words and words previously learnt. This should give children the opportunity to revise words they know already, ensuring pupils do not simply learn them for the test and then forget them. 

There are 32 lists of words for children to learn. The words are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum. The lists get progressively more challenging, matching the content of the National Curriculum. 


Word List

Year Group

1 - 6
Year 1
7 - 12
Year 2
13 - 18
Year 3
19 - 24
Year 4
25 - 30
Year 5
31 - 32
Year 6

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