Maths makes a considerable contribution to the overall school curriculum and is key to our pupils making sense of the world around them. We use a structured curriculum, based on Inspire Maths, to develop pupils' number sense, mental arithmetic and problem solving skills. 

Each half term we assess our ability to choose and use processes from the calculation policy to solve arithmetic questions. The results of this process then informs the maths interventions for the following half term. Each term we also assess problem solving skills. These are questions based on the previous term's topics, to give an accurate picture of how pupils have progressed. In class, teachers use a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of topics to ensure pupils are able to develop a deep understanding of each topic they study.

Teachers also timetable a number of Mental Maths sessions each week to ensure pupils have time to practice efficient and elegant applications of the subject. Through our work in Maths, pupils will gain the knowledge and understanding to use confidently the skills needed to thrive within our world today.

We follow the Inspire Maths curriculum. For more information about Inspire Maths follow the link:

Calculation Policy Summary:  See downloads below


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