Chris Reddy Visits Year 5

Year 5 had a visit from a special teacher. He came into school to talk about how we behave to help us achieve more.
During the day we played 6 activities as a team. We were split up from our class into 6 groups and we did all 6 activities. We were learning to work in a team and learn about teamwork. The 6 activities were: Egg-golf, Pipe up, Marble drop, Blind build, Opposite stack and Jigsaw. Mr Reddy taught us about teamwork like everybody falls out with each other but sooner or later they become friends again. We also learnt that everybody does not get along and some people get along a lot.

Teamwork will be used in the next half term by helping return things to their rightful owner. Or you could help someone up if they trip over something. Teamwork will also be well used in P.E. We will encourage our teams to win but if you do win, you shouldn’t show off about it. If you lose, you should be resilient and give them a tough game next time.

Mr Reddy, thank you for supporting us in our work and making our work very fun by doing fun activities. It was very helpful of you coming to our school to help children like us in Year 5. It was very kind of you coming here at Essa Primary Academy. Thanks Mr Reddy for helping us Believe, Commit and Achieve!

By Ibrahim (Yr 5)

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