The family who goes to the Mediterranean Sea! By Nveen

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 1:54pm

A family is going to a trip to the Mediterranean Sea.
The mum packs everything while the dad is getting ready.
When everyone is ready they go to the airport and take their flight.
20 hours later the family the family are at the Mediterranean Sea.
They find a nice spot and unpack there.
When they unpacked they rested.

After their rest they go up to swim in the sea,rest some more or talk to random people.
After their fun they all went to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
5 minutes after their swim they dried up with their towels.
After 2 minutes they rested for a hour.
After their rest they ate some of their food.
Soon enough they saw their cousins so they went to them.
They were at their cousins for about 5 minutes before they all went swimming together.
They were swimming with their cousins for 3 minutes.

Soon it was time to go home so they went to the airport,took their flight and when they got home they all took a shower and slept.

P.S. Do you know how much they were at the Mediterranean Sea??

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