Maryam Cheerish Weekend with Boris

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:06am

24 /11/2017. on Friday finally Boris arrived with Maryam at our house. Maryam face was glowing with happiness and she introduced Boris to all Maryam’s family members. sooner Boris become a member of this house and Boris enjoyed to be a friend of Maryam sister khadija as well. on the same evening Maryam did a introduction job and they both played with Maryam favourite toys. Boris seemed happy and busy to spent time with new friends.
Next day saturday an cold morning Maryam and Boris left the bed together and had a yammy breakfast.
Then later this morning Maryam and Boris had a warm tub bath with alot of splash. Afterwards Maryam had a dayout with boris along with family. Maryam decided to take her friend Boris to a Playland where they have had alot of fun toghter. Maryam and Boris enjoyed slided. They played with plastic balls and Then Mayram and Boris drove a police car. Boris met new people but all the time stayed with Maryam. Then Maryam and Boris enjoyed Lunch togther.
Later saturday evening Maryam and Boris rested as that was busy day and very tired so They watched Their favourite cartoons.
Sunday Morning Maryam and Boris spent alot of time togther Boris helped Maryam in completing her school’s tasks. and they did coloring drawing and scathing funny images and laughed alot.
oh As tomarrow is a monday morning So needs to get ready stuff for school with the help of Boris. Maryam read a bed time story to Boris and said good night to each other.
what a weekend it was an amazing but short journey with Boris. we are going to miss u…..

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