Kain and Boris' Awesome Half Term Trip

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:19am

Boris and Kain’s Week….
Kain was very excited to bring Boris home, that he couldn’t wait to show his mummy who been working, so got his daddy to take pictures of him. His sister Kaylee was also “The Lions” “Star of the Week” so they decided that they wanted to go out for tea that evening… Kain’s baby sister Olivia was super excited to get Boris, and when she got a cuddle, refused to give Boris back (There was lots of tears)

Boris went with Kain and his daddy for a spot of lunch, where he helped Kain eat a massive pizza, Kain was not too happy to share, as pizza is one of Kain’s favourite meals.
Kain, his sister Kaylee and Boris were colouring in as it was a bit of a rubbish day.
It was all about packing for our Trip to Belfast to see Kain’s Granny, Aunties and cousins, as we had to bring our Halloween costumes. Kain kept saying that he didn’t think Boris had ever been on a boat before, nor to Belfast, and was very excited to bring him. Everyone went to bed very early, as we had to get up super-duper early.

It was a Super early start as we had to Travel to Belfast via the boat from Liverpool. We got stuck in Traffic which everyone found very boring!!!! Kain said Boris was not happy as he did not get a McDonalds, but I think it was Kain who was not Happy really!
On the boat Boris sat beside Kain in the Cinema watching Boss Baby, and then they played in the indoor playground, and they even made some new friends where they played “Hide and Seek”. Boris was really good at Hiding, and won the most games. We managed to get a quick picture of us all arriving into Belfast.
We did not get into Kain’s Granny’s until late, so it was a quick introduction to everyone, then it was dinner. time, then bed, as we were all up super-duper early. Kain’s Granny Pat, even made Boris a very special bed as well, so that he would feel at home
We all went for a walk up to Belfast Castle, where we were looking at all the leaves and trees for Kain’s #AutumnSelfie homework. Boris and Kain found loads of different leaves with assorted colours, as well as some acorns and what Kain’s Daddy called helicopters because they looked like them when you threw them into the air.
It was Kain’s Cousin Jacobs birthday, so we all went to Funky Monkeys to play and celebrate. Boris played on the slides, and with the Bikes, Kain did not leave his side as he didn’t want Boris to feel left out.

We went on a Tourist day out with Boris and he saw where one of the World’s most famous ships was built, at the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. We went to the Titanic building, and studios where Game of Thrones was being filmed, they wouldn’t let us in to get any pics with the crew #SpoilSports. It was a lovely day and we were able to get some nice photos. Especially with the Belfast fish, Boris looked so tiny next to this fish… We then went to Pizza Hut were we all stuffed our faces lol.
We went to the park and played on the swings and slides, and played Tag. Boris with Kain’s cousin Maddie where very good and kept winning, the others were not so happy. Again, we had a fun day and an early night, as we had loads planned on Saturday.
Such an exciting day we had… We went to W5 in Belfast which was great fun, we built loads, played with all the different exhibitions. They were great fun we were there for hours. The best bit was the Monster Manor, where we saw ghosts, ghouls, skeletons and creepy spiders.
After we got home, we had a little Halloween party with bobbing for apples etc… Boris even got involved lol…
After our Party we all went to bed, as we had to go back home on Sunday.

Boris and all of us said our goodbyes to Kain’s Granny, Cousins and Aunts and to Belfast, and Hello again to Kain’s Mummy and Bolton… We thought that was it BUT! Kain and Boris became Captains of the Ship for the day as well! They got to drive the boat, check out the captain’s binoculars to see if we were in any danger, look through the captains looking glass and even sit in the Captains seat, thanks to Stena Line for picking them to win. All the staff were excited to see and hear about Boris’ trip.

We hope Boris has had a fantastic time with us in Belfast as I know Kain’s Granny enjoyed having him – She said he was very well house trained. Now it is time for us to give Boris back to the Badgers, and we are looking forward to reading what Boris gets up to over the year, and what each Badger does with Boris. Kain is going to miss him, as he has really enjoyed having Boris for the week
PS We have had loads of pictures of Boris over the past week, with us (over 200) so we were only able to put some on.

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