Finally Boris Comes Home with Akeel...

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:09am

Akeel was so excited to bring Boris home and to celebrate we had chicken and chips with Boris on Friday night. There were big smiles all around.
After a good night’s sleep Boris was up early to go to Akeel’s swimming class. He cheered whilst Akeel swam so fast in the pool.
In the evening it was time for Boris to get wet too, he enjoyed a bubble bath. There was a lot of splashing going on. Akeel said Boris is super clean now with the help of his sister Noor who is in the Lions class.
On Sunday Boris went on his final trip with Akeel to his daddy’s car showroom. He met quite a few customers who were buying cars and got to sit in some of Akeels favourite cars. He then completed the Day by doing some office paperwork.
We are sharing some of Boris’s favourite moments.
Boris we will all miss you until the next time.

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