Faaris' Weekend with Horis

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:01am

Faaris had been waiting very patiently for his turn with Horis. He was ecstatic to take Horis home with him. Already, Faaris had made his plans with Horis before reaching home.
AS soon as we got home they both had a good scrub with lots of bubbles and lazed around in the house watching TV and playing on the iPad, while the temperature outside was reaching freezing. Horis loved milk and cookies with Faaris, Horis rubbed his tummy and delightly said ‘yummy in my tummy’.
After a full tummy is was bedtime, Faaris tucked Horis in bed and happily went to sleep with him, like a match made in heaven.
However, we received a great shock the very next day. WHERE IS HORIS!! He was nowhere to be found… we searched high and low. Faaris looked under the bed, his sister’s searched in the wardrobes, Horis was nowhere to be found.
Finally, Horis was found by Faaris, hiding in the kitchen cupboard scoffing all the cookies!
Faaris asked Horis why were you hiding. Horis replied’ I dont want to go to school.

What a splended weekend with Horis, it was a pleasure to have a little addition to the family for the weekend.

P.S Horis has taken some cookies with him to school.

Thank you


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