Dork diaries

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 2:29pm

Michael’s review of: Dork diaries
Author: Rachel Renee Russel
Genre: Fiction

There is a girl called Niki maxweell and there’s a show called Disney on ice and she wants to join but there’s a bully called Mackenzie and she don’t want Niki joining the show and she wants Niki out of the show but Niki gets into the show and when the show was on Niki had friends called Zoe and Cloe and they are all nervous because they’ve never been skating before so Niki has to get dresses as clowns for the Disney on ice show but Mackenzie locked them in the dressing room and they call Niki crush and then they got let out by him then they did the show and Nikis score was -4 but then he give Niki a bouquet of flowers and hugged Niki said she wanted to ask him so many questions like if I was a your my friend hug or your a really good friend hug or more than a friend or your my girlfriend hug she wants to ask him but she thinks he’ll notice she like him

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