Dork Diaries pop star

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 2:27pm

Michael’s review of: Dork Diaries pop star
Author: Rachel,Renée,Russell
Genre: Fiction

There is a girl called Niki she has a school bully called Mackenzie and a crush called Brandon,she wants to join a new show and Mackenzie try’s everything she can to stop Niki and she finds out Mackenzie wants her to not let Niki compete in the show and Niki admits that the show is about singing and Niki gets really tempted to run of the stage crying and when Niki was getting changed into her uniform and she screamed because a bug jumped in her hair and she screamed Ann Mackenzie and the others accept her friends started rolling on the floor laughing at her and Mackenzie calls her a bug bag and she runs out screaming wishing her day was over and then she met her crush and she almost fainted THE END

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