Boris with Irem Amazing Weekend!!!

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:03am

On Friday,Boris entered our house with a warm welcome,and Irem fed Boris and played until she had to go to bed with him Boris had a good night sleep and in the morning Irem and Boris had lots of fun and they watched tv together and chefs came to our house to cook delicious food and,Boris watched how they made the food and Boris loved eating the delicious different dishes they they made for Boris and Irem’s family then Boris and Irem brushed their teeth and put their pyjamas on and went fast asleep tucked up in a cosy bed together until the next day which was Sunday morning and they ate breakfast,and after breakfast they did their homework together and started playing fairy’s in an enchanted garden where there are only fairy’s and cute animals that Boris could play with whilst Irem was learning how to do magic,and then she bathed Boris (pretend) then Irem and Boris had lunch and played and after a few hours they had dinner and watched on their sisters IPad and had a snack then they sat and watched television and had supper and sat for a bit and went to bed, the next day was Monday Irem got ready for school and before Irem left the house for school she told everyone to say bye to him and went to school and gave him back to the wonderful lovely teachers who teach her in school.


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