Annabelle's Week with Horis

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 10:20am

Horis came to spend the half term with Annabelle and her family. When Horis and Annabelle got home they both had a nap as they had a busy day playing and learning at school.

Horis came shopping with Annabelle and her mummy and was helping Annabelle choose the presents for her Santa list.

On Saturday morning Annabelle, mummy daddy and sister Lilly went for breakfast. Horis was looking at the menu to see what he wanted to eat.

Annabelle went to a play centre with her mummy and some friends. We took Horis with us and he decided not to play as he was worried the big children may step on him.

It is now Annabelle and Horis’s last day together so it’s an early night ready for going back to school.

Annabelle and Horis were so excited to be going back into school this morning. They have missed their friends and learning.

Thank you for your visit Horis we have really enjoyed it.

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