All about reading club By:Holly

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 1:58pm

Reading club is when you read chapters of a book and draw something that your teacher say’s.For example Mis (Miss.Lamert) told everyone to draw a story map of this story called – iron man. We read the rest of chapter one on wendsday.It was great here’s a bit of what we read on wendsday.This robot called iron man was standing on the edge of a cliff he was lonely.Then he fell of the edge of the cliff all of his body parts clattered and scattered around and the beach.Then the body parts tryed to find each other the hand found an eye and wrapped it in his fingers and the hand could see  then they found the rest of the body parts except the other ear…That was some of chapter one.Did you like the story ? 

We can bring are reading club books home and finish colouring the front of them.I will write about drama club next.

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